Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West by Kevin Swanson

Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West by Kevin Swanson

This is a fascinating book that examines the men who are responsible for the decline of Christian influence on western civilization.  These men were raised in the Christian faith or were at least familiar with it, but rebelled and have caused a profound destructive influence on cultures and countries all over the world.  Many of these are considered the "great thinkers," but when you look at their impact, you see the destruction they've brought about.  The book is divided into three sections.  The first section discusses worldviews before studying the different thinkers chronologically, starting with Thomas Aquinas in the 1200's and ending with Jean-Paul Sartre in the 1900's.  One idea from Aquinas was a starting point for many of these men and they built on each other's ideas through the years.  Their influence, lives, and philosophy are explained.  The second section focuses on writers from Shakespeare to Twain to Hemingway.  Their lives are discussed and some of their writings are examined to discern what their worldviews really were and what they communicated through their stories.  Section three shows how many musicians today are selling these same ideas of existentialism and humanism through their music.

I've heard of most, if not all of these men, and even read some of them in school, and I am familiar with some of their ideas.  Of course, what I learned in college about them was not nearly as informative as this book.  It was very eye-opening and sad to see the way they lived their lives and chilling to realize what a lasting negative impact they have had on the world.  Their ideas have caused murder on a massive scale, not to mention hopelessness, loss of morality, etc. It's frustrating to see how far down we've gone, but the author reminds us that God is still in control.  This book is well-written and Swanson's argument well laid out.  I think this should be a must-read for everyone, from teenagers on, because we need to realize how much these dangerous ideas are embedded in our culture so we can recognize the truth and take a stand when we see them.

I received this book free from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

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