Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Plain Disappearance - An Appleseed Creek Mystery 3 - by Amanda Flower

This is an enjoyable mystery centered around the Amish.  Chloe Humphrey is anticipating Christmas and spending more time with Timothy Troyer, an ex-Amish man who's started courting her.  When they discover the body of a young Amish girl on their first date, they decide to investigate since Chloe has already solved a couple of mysteries and Timothy knew the girl.  Unfortunately, they have to suspect a friend of Timothy's because of evidence found at the scene.  While they're looking for him, neither are convinced he's guilty and also look into some of the young men who had courted the girl.  A man who's harassed Chloe since she moved to Appleseed Creek continues to show up in unexpected places, but is he still a threat or not? There's also tension with Timothy's Amish family because Chloe's English and they still hope he might come back, but also his sister recently left the Amish and is her roommate.  Can their relationship grow and survive these various threats or are they just too different?

I haven't read the first two books in the series and I did feel like I was coming in on a story already in progress.  While this mystery is only in this book, the characters had already met and I did feel like I should have read the other two first.  I really liked Chloe and Timothy and the rest of the characters, especially Grandfather Zook. He was quite the character!  I loved Chloe's curiosity, but also her compassion and determination to discover the truth and make sure the dead girl's sister wasn't in danger.  I really liked the sense of community in Appleseed Creek, especially the Troyer family, and it was also fun to meet Chloe's friend, Tanisha, and to see how the English interact with the Amish.  I definitely plan on reading the first two books and looking forward to the next one!

I received this book free from Handlebar Central in exchange for an honest review.

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