Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stronger: How Hard Times Reveal God's Greatest Power - by Clayton King

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About the book:

God has a plan to make you stronger--and it's not what you think.
When we think of success, we think of words like bigger, more, and better. Bigger paycheck, more security, better reputation. But what if God's perspective on success was radically different than our own? What if the things we seek to avoid--pain, suffering, weakness, insecurity--were the very things he used to mold us into his image?

With insights born from his own difficult journey, Clayton King offers a truly liberating understanding of weakness and suffering--not as God's punishment, but as his pruning. Revealing the God who is a companion in our most difficult seasons, King shows us that when we are in Christ, our deepest pain becomes the source of our greatest power, and our times of testing become our strongest testimony.

If you struggle to make sense of this broken world or your own seemingly hopeless situation, you'll find in this book not only hope for a brighter future but purpose in the imperfect present.

My review:

I really enjoyed this book because it made me think about all of the positives that can come out of the hard times we go through.  King is very honest about the struggles he's gone through, especially when he lost his father, who he was incredibly close to.  Struggles can be good because they remind us how really weak we are and that we don't really have control.  They humble us and hopefully cause us to reach for God.  The things we go through can help others who are going through the same things.  We can know God walks with us in our struggles and receive His strength.  He also points out that God doesn't always cause the hard times, but He can bring good out of them if we let Him. I liked the many examples from his own life he used. There were also many quotes from a variety of people, which I loved.  This book definitely gave me a lot to think about and a sense of hope that good will come out of the struggles I go through.  It also reminded me not to let them go to waste!  I highly recommend it for everyone, because everyone has gone through hard times or will in the future.  It's a fact of life.

I received this book free from Baker Books in exchange for an honest review.

The Author
  1. Clayton King

    Clayton King

    Clayton King is founder and president of Clayton King Ministries and Crossroads Missions and Summer Camps, teaching pastor at NewSpring Church, and professor of evangelism at Anderson University. The author of over a dozen books, King regularly speaks to tens...
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