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Very Enjoyable! Review of The Quieting - The Bishop's Family 2 - by Suzanne Woods Fisher

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About the book:

It was a well-laid plan--but it wasn't her plan . . .
It's all her grandmother's fault. For the last few months, Abigail Stoltzfus has helped her father with his genealogical research, hoping that breaking through a client's brick wall would also break his melancholy. But now her intrusive grandmother has set her sights on marrying off Abigail and insists she come to Stoney Ridge, where there is a plethora of eligible bachelors. 

Except that Mammi is mistaken. There are no eligible bachelors in Stoney Ridge, barring one, and he's all wrong. Dane Glick has the wrong last name and the wrong relatives--including the bishop who is at odds over a church matter with Abigail's uncle, minister David Stoltzfus. 

As the conflict grows, setting family against family, it's becoming clear that the path to a solution may lead to a Quieting--a removal of a church leader. But for which one? And when Abigail stumbles onto a curious connection during her genealogical research, it could help David solve one problem--but will it create another?

My review:

This was a wonderful story with a very unique and amusing heroine!  I loved Abigail and her straight-forward ways.  It was amusing to see how she took what people said at face value and didn't understand humor or sarcasm.  It was so cute to see her interactions with Dane;  I was really impressed with his character and his patience with Abigail.  I also really liked David and thought it was interesting to see how he handled the tough situation he found himself in.  David's mom, on the other hand, drove me (and everyone else!)  a little nuts with her meddling and controlling ways.  I loved the genealogy focus as I'm fascinated with people's history and ancestry.  That's something I would love to do myself.  I liked seeing characters again from not only the previous book, but other books that featured Stoney Ridge.  I really liked the spiritual aspects in the story, how David thought deeply about his faith and the truths he was reminded of and in turn, that I was reminded of, such as that God is sovereign.  This worked well as a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading the first book, too, as that was wonderful as well.  I highly recommend this book!

I received this book free from Revell in exchange for an honest review.

 The Author

  1. Suzanne Woods Fisher
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    Suzanne Woods Fisher

    Suzanne Woods Fisher is the bestselling author of The Letters, The Calling, the Lancaster County Secrets series, and the Stoney Ridge Seasons series, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace. She is also the...

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