Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Simple Change - Home to Amana 2 - by Judith Miller

Cover Art  This is an interesting story about a young woman who gives up life in the big city to move to the Amana Colonies with her parents.  Jancey Rhoder has a suitor, Nathan, and a job she loves teaching children at the orphanage in Kansas City.  However, her mother is dying and her parents have decided to move back to the Amana Colonies where they grew up.  They give Jancey the choice to stay in Kansas City or join them, since they expect that she will soon marry and they know their way of life will be drastically changed from what they have now.  She chooses to go and believes the separation will be good for her and Nathan and will reveal whether they should marry.  When she arrives, she must adjust to a completely different way of life.  She also lets her curiosity and impulsiveness get her into trouble.  Will she marry Nathan or will another man catch her eye?  Can she learn to give up control and wait on God for answers?

I knew nothing about the Amana Colonies, so it was interesting to see how this community functioned.  I can't imagine what a change it would have been to move from a city to this rural community, with their strict rules and different way of doing things.  I admired some things about Jancey, but was very frustrated with her indecisiveness and some of the decisions she did make.  This felt very much like a stand-alone, though it is book two.  I liked the focus on prayer and trusting God.  I am interested in reading more of Miller's books about the Amana Colonies.

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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