Friday, July 31, 2015

Blessing - Quaker Brides 2 - by Lyn Cote


Blessing - Quaker Brides 2 - by Lyn Cote

This was an amazing story about a Quaker woman and the difference she was striving to make for women.  After Blessing fell for a non-Quaker man and married him, she realized what kind of man he really was.  He was a drunk and would frequent brothels.  He made the choices to do these things, but a Mr. Smith would help him along.  He soon dies and luckily, wills everything to Blessing, which was not common in those days.  She can now use her wealth to help women and children.  She started an orphanage and fights for women's rights and for abolition.  She also vows never to marry again and give up her freedom.  When she meets Gerard Ramsay, she's attracted to him, but thinks he's similar to her husband and doesn't want to get trapped again.

Gerard Ramsay meets Blessing when he tries to convince his cousin to stay away from her friend.  They had come to attend a women's rights meeting and Gerard is taken aback by the outspoken, direct Quaker.  She challenges him as no other woman ever has, but frustrates him, too.  He's trying to escape his father's iron will by leaving Boston and relocating to Cincinnati and needs to find a job.  He falls in with Mr. Smith and Blessing tries to warn him.  Their paths continually cross and they each discover secrets and truths about the other's character.

This was a wonderful story!  The history was incredible, with what it was like in Ohio as women and African-Americans fought for equal rights and to abolish slavery.  Blessing did amazing work caring for prostitutes, unwanted children and slaves.  Faith was a very important part of her life and was why she did what she did.  Gerard starts out selfish and arrogant, but changes as he sees all she does and why.  The romance is sweet and there's some suspense as tensions run high over the slavery and women's rights issues.  This story worked well as a stand-alone.  I highly recommend this well-written story!

I received this book free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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