Monday, October 12, 2015

The Road to Becoming - by Jenny Simmons

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About the book:

Wake up each new day and say yes.

There is a moment in all of our lives when leaning into the unknown becomes our only viable pathway forward. This is the moment you must ask, "Do I believe the Storyteller knows better than anyone else my part in the story?" If the answer is yes, pack your bags and get ready to follow God into the unknown.

In this vulnerable, laugh-out-loud book, Jenny Simmons shares her own journey through seasons of change and lostness, dead ends and detours, and finally into the terrifying, unknown, God-designed future. The road to becoming is not easy, but it is here you'll begin to discover that new life--life abundant--is always, ever among us. Dancing on the horizon.

My review:

I liked this encouraging book from a person who's been there.  Jenny Simmons was the lead singer of Addison Road, a band I liked and I hadn't heard anything from in a while, and this book explains what happened during a couple rough years for the band which ultimately led to them deciding to move on to other things.  She has a poetic way of describing the day-to-day hardships and beauty that she experienced, especially during the transition when she didn't know what was coming next.  The book is split into sections about the dreams you have, what happens when they don't come true or end, the period when you feel lost, the period of waiting when you start to have hope again and finally becoming, when you can see a different future and different dream for yourself.  I liked the personal stories she told, from back in her childhood all the way to the present and the encouragement she gained from both people she knew and authors she admired.  She has a very personable style so you feel like you're listening to a good friend who makes you laugh. I would recommend this book for people who need some encouragement, especially if life hasn't really turned out like you planned.

I received this book free from Baker Books in exchange for an honest review.

 The Author

  1. Jenny Simmons

    Jenny Simmons

    Jenny Simmons is a dynamic storyteller and lover of people who sees God's redemptive hand at work in the world around her. She is a sought-after musician and speaker who has garnered a devoted following on her blog ( As the lead singer of...
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