Monday, May 13, 2013

Flora's Wish by Kathleen Y'Barbo

book title front  This is a historical romance about "Fatal Flora," a southern belle who's now engaged for the fifth time after her first four fiances died before they could make it to the altar.  Flora used to want to marry for love, but  she's getting desperate.  She must marry and produce an heir before her cousin turns thirty or he will inherit her family's estate.  What she doesn't know is that her new fiance may be a criminal.  Pinkerton agent Lucas McMinn  has been after Will Tucker ever since he broke his sister's heart.  When he meets Flora, he's not sure if she's in on his scam or his newest victim.  He just knows that he needs to keep her in his "personal custody" until he figures it out!

This story is a sweet romance about two people at odds with each other and yet who are drawn to each other at the same time.  Flora is fun as a feisty and stubborn character and Lucas is the good guy with a knack for inventions.  While I really liked the characters, the story felt slow and there wasn't a whole lot happening regarding plot.  Some of the conversations also got repetitious.  If you love historical romance, you might want to check it out!

I received this book free from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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