Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn

Dr. Elena Burroughs is a clinical psychologist and a widow of five years working at the University of Oxford.   She has published a book on dream interpretation and when a woman shows up for an appointment with bodyguards and says she's been having terrible dreams, Elena agrees to help this woman find some relief.  However, what she tells Elena doesn't fit the normal pattern of recurrent dreams and Elena turns to her friend and mentor Miriam for guidance. In turn, Miriam gives her five ancient books, duplicates of each other, and says they might help. Miriam explains that she is to study a page until it speaks to her, if it will. Miriam's great-grandmother passed these books to her, but she never received a message from them. Elena does receive an interpretation of the woman's dream and instructions for where she and her husband should go from there.  Elena meets a friend of a friend in Rome who is also having terrible dreams. His story intertwines with the woman and her husband and they, along with others, form a group intent on stopping a global disaster and following God's will wherever it will take them.

I don't want to give away too much of the story because for the first third or so, it's not clear what exactly is happening.  That's also about how long the story held my interest.  It felt like the story was building to something, but the momentum petered out and the plot started to wander.  The writing was fine, if a bit formal.  I loved the setting of London! I've said it before, even my favorite author has books I'm not crazy about.  Bunn has written a lot of books, so I'll definitely try more of his before deciding how I feel about him as an author.

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