Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indelible audio by Kristen Heitzmann, read by Kirsten Potter

Indelible I loved this book!  Natalie Reeve's toddler nephew is grabbed by a mountain lion while hiking with her, her brother, and sister-in-law.  Trevor McDaniel, a high-country outfitter who dabbles in search-and-rescue,  happens to be on the mountain and rescues him.  Trevor has a compulsion to rescue people due to a horrific accident from his past, and he's drawn to Natalie, a sculptor with eidetic memory who releases the images she sees into the clay.

Someone soon views Trevor as an archangel and nemesis.  He starts receiving disturbing pictures of children in trouble and when children in his own community, along with Natalie, are threatened, they must work with the police chief to figure out who it is and how to stop them.  There are also very interesting minor characters, especially Fleur, a blind woman who paints. 

I loved the varied, flawed characters in this story and the different perspectives we're shown.  There's so much emotion portrayed and I was fascinated by Natalie's eidetic memory, Fleur's life, Trevor's emotional baggage, even a minor character's struggle with germs and phobias.  There was almost a poetic feel to the descriptions of scenery in the beautiful Colorado mountains and the sections that talked about the disturbed man felt very foreboding.  This book is actually a sequel to Indivisible, which I wasn't aware of when listening, but I did feel that I should know who some of the characters were already.  It worked very well as a stand-alone, but I can't wait to read the first one and get to know some of the other characters better.  Kirsten Potter does an amazing job reading this story, changing her voice for each character and giving it a haunting quality that fit so well.  This is a beautifully written romantic suspense that I definitely recommend!

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