Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gone South by Meg Moseley

Gone South by Moseley, Meg  This is an entertaining story about Tish McComb, a woman from Detroit who impulsively buys her ancestral home in small town Alabama.  Having moved around a lot growing up, she's been wanting a place to put down roots and really make a community her home.  However, she's in for a surprise when she's met with hostility because of her name.  It turns out her ancestors might not have been the nicest people and generations later, people they've wronged are still holding a grudge.  The only friends she makes are George, the local antiques dealer, and Melanie, the prodigal who returns home but isn't welcomed with open arms.  Tish takes her in but Melanie is having a hard time mending her ways.  Can Tish and George bring her family around and keep Melanie on the straight and narrow?  Will Tish and Melanie find a place to belong?

 I really liked Tish and George.  Tish is a determined woman who loves vintage items and their history, but who needs to start embracing the present.  George is a southern boy who actually grew up in Tish's new home and needs the garage for the classic car he's restoring. He's more interested in turning a profit than in the actual items he's selling.  Will he open his heart and start investing in people?  There's a little romance brewing between them, but will the problems with Melanie bring them together or tear them apart?

This is a well-written second novel about family and letting go of the past.  It's full of interesting characters and situations, especially where Tish and Melanie are concerned.  I was never quite sure what they would do next or what crazy situation they would end up in, which made for an entertaining read.  I wished the story would have gone deeper into what Tish, Melanie, and George were thinking sometimes.  I would have to say that I enjoyed her first novel, "When Sparrows Fall," more, but I really liked this story, too.

I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review.

First Chapter

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  1. I just received this book to review also!
    Sounds like a good book, I've never actually read anything by Meg Moseley before.
    Great review!!!!