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Prairie Song - Hearts Seeking Home 1 - by Mona Hodgson

I really enjoyed this story about a group of people heading west on a wagon train.  Anna Goben has convinced her mother and grandfather to leave for a fresh start after the death of her brother in the Civil War.  She's been taking care of them both as they remained stuck in their grief and hopes this will be just the thing to wake them up.  If not, she doesn't know how she can ever leave them to their own devices and start a new life.  She's off to a rough start when one of the trail hands takes a dislike to her over a misunderstanding.  Caleb Reger senses she's going to be trouble, both for the wagon train and for his heart.  He decides to keep his distance since he plans to never marry.  He believes he doesn't deserve to be happy after a horrible mistake in his past.  She's happy, though, to have some friends along from her quilting circle back in St. Charles, Missouri.

Widow Caroline Milburn has come along as a nanny to the five Kamden children so she can have her own fresh start in California.  She needs to get away from her brother-in-law's attitude, though she's sorry to leave her sister and nieces and nephews. Caroline has disliked wagon leader Garrett Cowlishaw ever since the Confederate soldier delivered the letter announcing her husband's death in the war.  Her husband fought for the Union and she blamed Garrett personally at first. Garrett's immediately attracted to Caroline, but knows she dislikes him.  He's just not sure how to change her mind.  Besides, his hands are a little full with overseeing a large caravan, protecting them from threats of all kinds, and getting them to California safely.

I really enjoyed this story that's the first in the series and yet continues the three Quilted Heart novellas.  I liked the multiple story lines and getting to know these characters I was introduced to in the novellas and catching up with others.  The romances were sweet and I really liked the characters, except for Anna's mother, who was very frustrating.  I found it interesting to learn what traveling on a wagon train could have been like.  I really liked the spiritual focus on accepting God's grace, learning to give people to God, and that you can't control everything.  I recommend this book for anyone who likes historical romances!

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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