Friday, April 4, 2014

Hands of Darkness - Lure of the Serpent 2 - by Heather James


I really enjoyed this suspenseful, amusing book!  This book starts soon after the first one ended, with Evelyn Barrett pregnant and now working as a jury consultant.  When she's given the chance to work as a police consultant in San Diego with the cop she worked with to find her daughter's killer, her and her husband decide to move there for a fresh start and to get away from the town where so many places remind them of their murdered daughter.  The first case she's brought in on is a serial rapist and murderer and her job is to read people and get at the truth.  She's a former attorney and also says whatever she's thinking, so she has a way of getting under people's skin.  When the case hits too close to home, she ends up in a fight for her very survival!

Evelyn is such a character and probably one of my favorites in all the books I've read.  She has a biting wit that never fails to make me laugh and her calm husband is a nice counterpoint to her.  I also appreciate the happy marriage that's portrayed, especially after knowing all they've been through.  I like seeing her process as she figures out clues and interviews witnesses.  I also really like how we see her thoughts on evil and how she views the devil and the destruction he causes.  She thinks deeply and looks past the surface to what's underneath.  The fact that we get to see inside the killer's mind really gives a chilling and insightful look into the nature of evil.  It also adds to the suspense!  You could probably read this book without having read the first, but that one gives a lot of insight into Evelyn and makes you really appreciate all she's survived, not to mention being a very unique, emotional, and suspenseful story.  I definitely recommend reading that one, too.  If you enjoy suspense, you definitely need to check out this series!  I know I'm looking forward to the next one!

I received this book free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.

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