Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chance of Loving You - by Terri Blackstock, Candace Calvert & Susan May Warren

This was a delightful anthology by three bestselling romance authors!  For Love of Money by Terri Blackstock is a fun story similar to the movie It Could Happen To You, where a man leaves a lottery ticket for a waitress and she wins, then they proceed to fall in love.  This one was a little different in that they had just met that night and Blake left it because he had no tip to leave Julie.  He also ripped it in half and when he realizes they won and finds her again, she's not interested due to his desperation and greed when she can't remember what she did with it.  They both could definitely use the money since they each are struggling to build new businesses.  She wonders if all he cares about is the money.  She'd been burned before and thought every man had an ulterior motive.  He didn't know what he could do to prove his love.  I had actually read this story years ago when it was in the Sweet Delights anthology and I liked it just as well now as then.  Blake has some really funny one-liners and he's more impulsive where Julie is a nice complement of being more conservative and practical.  There's some discussion of their faith in God and how they'd been forgiven great debts and so forgive others for lesser things and they also pray to discover God's will.  This was a fun, unique story with some sweet romantic moments.

The Recipe by Candace Calvert was an interesting mix of hospital setting with aspiring chef.  Aimee works in the hospital kitchen, but wants to win a vegan baking contest so she can attend culinary school.  She meets Lucas there as his grandmother's health is failing and she's ready to die.  He, however, is doing all he can to change her mind and get her to want to live and to eat more to get her strength up.  Aimee ends up helping to feed his grandmother for a couple weeks and, though they get off to a rocky start, start to confide in each other about their struggles.  Aimee can relate because she lost her mom to cancer 10 years ago and knows what it feels like to be helpless.  She determines to help him all she can and starts to question what she really wants to do with her planned degree.  I really liked the unique elements of the vegan recipes and trying to create something yummy with unusual ingredients.  It was a little sad as Lucas's grandmother isn't doing well and Aimee still grieves over her mother.  There's a little bit of talk of faith as the main characters all seem to be believers.  The grandmother's developmentally disabled roommate was amusing as she pretty much said what she was thinking and often embarrassed others.  There were some cute romantic moments in this story, too.

Hook, Line and Sinker is a very cute, short romance in the Deep Haven series. Ross Springer and Abigail Cushman are the leaders of different youth groups at Bethel College in Minnesota and decide to enter a fishing contest to raise money. Never mind that Abby has no idea how to fish.  They're also trying to forget what they once were to each other. He also had feelings for Abby but believed that she never really cared for him that way.  When his brother died, he felt like he needed to fill his shoes, but doesn't think he could ever measure up.  Is is too late for them or will love win in the end?  For such a short story, Susan does a wonderful job of creating well-rounded, real characters. There are sweet and amusing moments and real depth to the character's struggles. I also liked how they both were trying to figure out what God wanted them to do with their lives.  I had also read this a couple years ago as it was previously available only as an e-book. This is easily read as a stand-alone, but reacquaints you with some characters from her other books.  This is a great anthology you won't want to miss! 

I received this book free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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