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Remember & Return: Rekindling Your Love for the Savior - by John MacArthur

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About the book:

Rediscover the One who first loved you
In the busyness and trials of life, it's easy to drift away from the Savior. We may continue to go to church and even read the Scriptures and pray, but we can still lose our first love. Christ commended the church in Ephesus for their works and for their intolerance of false doctrine, yet admonished them to remember and return to their first love--Him. In the same way, our outward religiosity can mask an inner lack of love for our Savior.

In this thirty-one-day devotional, John MacArthur takes you down a biblically prescribed path as you rediscover who Christ is, what He has done, and how you must respond. Each entry will move you from understanding to application to reflection and prayer, with a goal of rekindling your first love for Christ.

My review:

This was a wonderful book filled with great practical advice.  I hadn't been making spending time with Jesus a priority and I thought this book would be the push I needed.  It definitely was!  Each devotional was about 6 pages and consisted of a verse at the beginning and a daily challenge at the end.  The first section focuses on who Jesus is, that He was fully God and fully man and his wonderful qualities.  Then MacArthur points out the blessings believers have been given.  The next section shows how Jesus humbled himself to become a man, giving up so many of His rights willingly and then suffering a terrible death on a cross.  We desperately needed a Savior and Jesus became our substitute.  Then he looks at how Jesus was exalted and regained His glory through his "resurrection, ascension, coronation, and present intercession."  Finally, he looks at how Jesus suffered and how we should view suffering we have to go through, obedience and what to do when we fail and focusing on Heaven and what's ahead for us rather than looking back.  MacArthur did a wonderful job explaining the different aspects we need to take into account of how amazing Jesus is and what He did for us.  My favorite parts were when he explained the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of words that sometimes don't translate very well into English.  We don't always get the nuances that are helpful for understanding meanings.  This book really challenged me to be more grateful for all that Jesus gave up when He came to Earth and died for me.  It also challenged me to really focus on making Jesus my first love and not getting distracted with worldly things.  I highly recommend it!

I received this book free from Baker Books.

About the author:

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  1. John MacArthur

    John MacArthur

    John MacArthur is a popular author and conference speaker and has served as pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, since 1969. John's teaching is available around the world through his media ministry, Grace to You. In addition to...
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