Monday, September 25, 2017

Wonderful! Freedom's Ring - by Heidi Chiavaroli

I absolutely loved this book!  Moving from 2015 Boston to 1770 Boston and back again, this story kept me spellbound as we trace the path of a ring handed down through the generations.  In 2015 Boston, Annie David is still trying to recover from the Boston Marathon bombing two years before, more emotionally than physically.  Her niece became crippled while waiting at the finish line for her and she's never forgiven herself.  The man who helped her left a family heirloom in her possession and promised to find her again but she hasn't heard from him since.  When she discovers a business card with the same emblem, she can finally meet her rescuer and get some answers about the ring that has comforted her for two years.  In 1770 Boston, Liberty Caldwell is alone and accepts employment in the home of two British officers.  She continues to look for her brother's ship so she can reunite with him but soon after they meet again, he is killed in the Boston Massacre by a British soldier.  No longer able to work for the British, she starts to pack her things when she is attacked by the captain while Lieutenant Alexander Smythe tries and fails to rescue her.  As revenge she steals from them both, including a ring belonging to the lieutenant, a man she once cared for but now can't stand because of the uniform he wears.

I love books that deal with genealogy and multiple time periods and this did both very well.  The writing was excellent and the characters felt very real, with struggles and hopes and disappointments.  Both Liberty and Annie go through a very traumatic experience and Brad, Anne's rescuer, also served in the military overseas, so they all had wounds they struggled with, some physical and some emotional.  There were some nice romantic moments and I really enjoyed the spiritual message.  Both women had to learn who to truly depend on; humans will always let us down because they aren't perfect.  Only God is truly able to save and is strong when we are weak.  There were some great conversations and I liked that Annie wasn't a Christian and was very new to all of this God talk.  It gave a unique perspective to her situation you don't often see in Christian fiction.  It was fascinating learning more about the beginning of our country.  I think the most enjoyable part for me was discovering along with Annie and Brad the answers they were looking for.  It really makes me want to start digging into my own family history!  There was also a twist I didn't see coming, which was a nice surprise!  This is definitely an author to watch.  I highly recommend this wonderful story!

I received this book free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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