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The Proving - by Beverly Lewis

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About the book:

"Mandy, you are to inherit the farmhouse, including the business of the inn."

She could scarcely find her voice to respond. "
Ach, this must be a mistake," she told him, shaking her head as she talked into the phone, feeling befuddled. "The house . . . and everything related to the inn . . . shouldn't that go to Arie Mae?"

After five years as an Englisher, Amanda Dienner is shocked to learn her mother has passed away and left her Lancaster County's most popular Amish bed-and-breakfast. What's more, the inn will only truly be hers if Mandy can successfully run it for twelve months. Reluctantly, Mandy accepts the challenge, no matter that it means facing the family she left behind--or that the inn's clientele expect an Amish hostess! Can Mandy fulfill the terms of her inheritance? Or will this prove a dreadful mistake?

My review:

I enjoyed this interesting story about the power of forgiveness and second chances!  I admired Mandy's determination as she made a go of running the inn, even when she was trying to do it herself.  I was surprised that Mandy and Arie Mae didn't clear the air sooner and that everything remained so up in the air regarding the whole situation but it did make for a more interesting plot.  I wasn't sure which way it'd really go.  When the whole story finally came out, I could understand why Mandy was so angry and I couldn't believe her mother had said what she did 5 years ago that caused her to leave.  I totally understand why she felt she was owed an apology.  I liked the subplot about the Englisher, Trina, and how she came to the inn through a mistake.  She had a very direct and somewhat abrasive personality, though she didn't know it!  It's funny how you can say things and mean them one way and someone else can take it a completely different way.  It was just a good reminder to choose your words carefully and always try to use life-giving words.  I liked how they both had a strong faith and yet both needed encouragement and a little push in the right direction from each other.  The whole situation really showed how God worked everything out for their good and that He had a plan all along, even though they couldn't see how it would work out.  There was some romance and a gorgeous rural setting where butterflies flocked every year.  I recommend it if you like Amish stories!

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

 The Author

  1. Beverly Lewis
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    Beverly Lewis

    Beverly Lewis (, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, has more than 17 million books in print. Her stories have been published in twelve languages and have regularly appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the New...

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