Friday, July 27, 2018

Wonderful! 'Just Let Go' - Harbor Pointe 2 - by Courtney Walsh

Just Let Go

This was another wonderful story by Courtney Walsh!  Quinn Collins was finally able to buy the flower shop in her hometown after spending her early childhood years there with her mother, the then owner, before her mother abandoned her family and left town.  Quinn's always wondered what happened and why she left.  She's determined to get answers by creating a winning design for a major flower competition her mother judges and finally seeing her face to face after all these years.  She's also renovating the shop before reopening and definitely doesn't need one more thing on her plate when bad boy Olympic skier, Grady Benson, rolls into town, ends up in a fight and needs to complete some community service in her shop!

Grady has lived for years rebelling against his coaches' advice and when his sloppiness and reckless living results in lost races and bad press, he decides to drive back to Colorado to clear his head.  He stops in Harbor Pointe for some food and ends up in a fight with a local.  Next thing he knows a judge sentences him to community service in hopes that he'll learn a lesson or two.  Right away he butts heads with Quinn as she thinks he's arrogant and reckless and he thinks she's all about rules and doing the safe thing.  They start to look past the surface and get to really know each other and understand their past hurts but Grady makes a big mistake that Quinn isn't sure she can forgive.

I loved returning to Harbor Pointe after reading the previous book that took place here.  Some of the same characters showed up in this book but it worked well as a stand-alone.  I loved Quinn and Grady.  I could definitely relate more to Quinn but it was interesting getting to know Grady and understanding what made him tick.  Quinn had a strong faith but Grady had turned his back on God after a tragedy.  I liked seeing his journey back.  I did wish Quinn had talked to him more about where he was in his faith journey before getting involved with him.  There were some amusing moments and some great romantic ones.  Her nephew, Jaden, was also a great character.  I liked seeing his journey, as well, from a rebellious kid to being a witness to Grady of what faith in God could be.  Trust and forgiveness were major themes in the story for both Grady and Quinn.  This story was well-written and the characters just leap off of the page!  I highly recommend it!

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers.  I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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