Friday, October 12, 2012

Sandwich With a Side of Romance by Krista Phillips

Sandwich, With a Side of Romance  Very enjoyable and amusing book!  Maddie is a tough wise-cracking twenty-year-old and a baby Christian.  She's trying to leave her shameful past behind her and make a fresh start in Sandwich, IL, where she hopes to create a stable life so she can gain custody of her eleven-year-old brother.  However, first day on the job at a hair salon and she's fired through no fault of her own.  She confronts Reuben, the man who was at fault, and he hires her to be a waitress at his restaurant.  Have I mentioned that Maddie is a huge klutz?  It didn't go well.  She continues to work for him, though, as one thing after another goes wrong in her life and his jealous girlfriend doesn't help matters.  She's vowed to stay away from men, so why does she feel this attraction to her boss, especially when she knows he's taken?  She struggles with pride and needing to do things herself, a by-product of growing up with no one to depend on, but will she see that she needs to give God control and lean on others for a change?

I really liked the back-and-forth between Maddie and Reuben.  Krista did a good job of showing the progression of their relationship from frustration and annoyance to affection and forgiveness of each others' mistakes.  I liked the contrast between Maddie as a baby Christian and Reuben as a seasoned one, but they were both still shown as imperfect, and had to learn to let go of the past and trust God.  I also liked that we got Reuben's perspective on the relationship.

The secondary characters were great and really added to the story.  The writing was good.  I don't think there was anything I didn't like about this book!  And all from a first-time author!  I'm definitely looking forward to what she'll be writing in the future.

I received a free copy of this book from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review.

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