Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Christmas Star by Ace Collins

The Christmas Star Interesting story about Jimmy Reed, a teenager still grieving over the death of his father in World War II.  Now a few years later, the troops are coming home and everyone is thrilled except for him.  He's angry about his father's death and not even the fact that he died a hero and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor can make him feel any better. 

This story's about Jimmy growing up and choices he will make that will change the course of his life.  What kind of person, man, does he want to be? This Christmas, he learns more about who his father really was and the life he led.  A letter his father had left for him in his Bible along with a couple surprise visitors will change everything.

This would be a good book for men, as it's told from a male perspective and focuses on the coming-of-age of a teenage boy immediately after World War II, but I also enjoyed it.  I got a little frustrated with some of Jimmy's choices, but that led to more tension in the story so I could see why it was needed.  It also seemed like for Jimmy to have grown up in the church and for his dad to have this strong faith, he really didn't know much about God or faith throughout the story, then suddenly understood without much explanation what it's all about.  I would have liked a bit more to that part of the story. There's action, a bit of romance, and important life lessons. Overall, a heartwarming story focusing on the importance of choices and the true meaning of Christmas!

I received this book free from Abingdon Press  in exchange for an honest review.

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