Monday, December 24, 2012

Unexpected Christmas Hero by Kathi Macias

  This was an interesting story about a homeless family trying to survive on the streets of Riverview, Washington and a fellow homeless man they meet that ends up changing their lives. Josie and her two children have been homeless for several months and she struggles every day with making sure they have food in their bellies and shelter for the night.  They used to live in a nice home and have all of the luxuries most people take for granted.  She thought everything was great, but her husband hadn't told her he lost his job or of the bad decisions he made afterwards.  He still didn't tell her anything after he got sick, and when he died, she was in for a shock. 

Josie had turned her back on God long ago and doesn't believe He cares or answers her prayers.  Then they meet Rick, a Vietnam veteran and follower of Christ, who looks out for them, along with Karen and the Lunds, other people who God puts in their path. Will the love of God they show melt Josie's hard heart? And how will Rick become her unexpected Christmas hero?

I liked the unique storyline and the interweaving of the stories of Josie, Rick, and Karen.  Sometimes it was a bit repetitious when Josie was trying to figure out where they should sleep and where to get food, but I'm sure that reflects the real day-to-day struggle when you don't know where your next meal will come from or where you'll sleep, especially during the winter.  This book especially shows the importance of being grateful for what we have and Rick was a great example of having nothing yet truly being rich because he has Jesus.

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