Friday, January 4, 2013

Protection For Hire by Camy Tang

  I really enjoyed this story about Tessa Lancaster, a former enforcer for her uncle's Japanese mafia gang, or yakuza, and Christian of three years.  She went to prison for seven years for a murder she didn't commit to protect her cousin, and that's where she became a Christian.  Now that she's released, she's trying to go straight but not having too much luck.  No one wants to hire her because they're afraid of what she used to do and her connections to the yakuza.

Through her volunteer work at a shelter for abused women, she meets Elizabeth St. Amant and her son.  They are in hiding from her husband and Elizabeth hires Tessa to be their bodyguard.  She also hires Charles Britton, an attorney and old family friend, to file her divorce papers and get her inheritance money back from her husband. Tessa doesn't know that Charles is also the man who made sure she would serve the maximum time behind bars.  They're drawn to each other, but Charles doesn't think he can trust her and he knows he can't trust her family.  Tessa feels torn between Charles and not wanting to betray her uncle.

This is an exciting, romantic read. It had some good action scenes and I loved seeing Tessa trying to show God's love to her mom and sister when they drive her crazy instead of reacting the way she used to.  I really liked Tessa and Charles and there were some amusing secondary characters, too.  There's a slight mystery concerning Elizabeth and the Japanese yakuza plot line makes for a unique story.  This is book one in the Protection for Hire series and I'm excited to read the next one in a few days! I definitely recommend this book!

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