Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Romance of Grace by Jim McNeely III

This is a fascinating and insightful look at the importance of grace! In the parable of the merchant searching for the pearl of great value, we are the pearl that God desires so much that He sacrifices all He has.  He's passionate about us like a bridegroom for his bride. He wants us to choose to love Him back, so He gives us free will.  He points out that there are two meanings of good that have been at odds with each other since sin entered the world.  This is an amazing chapter.

Some of the topics are the law, the nature of love, joy, extending grace to others, and how predestination and grace co-exist.  He has some interesting examples from movies, including starting the book discussing the Princess Bride!  There are questions at the end of each chapter that really make you think and would be great for discussion in a group.  I enjoyed the way he explained things and pointed out possible objections and then answered them.  This book made me look at grace in a new way.  I definitely recommend it!

I received this book free from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

The Romance of Grace is currently $3.99 for KindleNook, & Apple iBooks!

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