Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ripples Along the Shore by Mona Hodgson

Ripples Along the Shore This is a cute novella about a widow wanting to make a new life for herself.  Caroline Milburn lost her husband in the Civil War and is now living with her sister and her family.  Though she loves her sister and nieces and nephews, she has a hard time watching her brother-in-law treat his family so harshly.  He also makes her feel that she is imposing on them.  When she finds out about a wagon train heading west, she starts to wonder if she should go, too.

Garrett Cowlishaw is going to be leading a wagon train for the first time, though this is his third trip on one.  He knows how difficult it can be and wants to make sure people are prepared.  He's drawn to Caroline but doesn't plan on marrying again.  Not that she's interested because of him fighting for the South and her husband fighting and dying for the North.  He is hesitant to let her go on the trip alone, though she has many good friends going.  He feels it's too dangerous, for her life and his heart.

This is the third story in the Quilted Heart series and it is easily read as a stand-alone.  I did enjoy catching up with the rest of the ladies from the quilting circle and seeing who's planning to go on the wagon train and who's staying behind.  This story definitely felt like a beginning and wasn't wrapped up like the first two in the series.  I really liked both of the main characters and hope their story will be continued in her new series, Hearts Seeking Home, which will start with the journey west on the wagon train. I'm looking forward to meeting up with the rest of them soon, as the first book is due out this summer!

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  1. I have just read "Prairie Song" which is the first in the next series from this series you read. Anna's story is told here on the wagon train and it is a good story, adventure, losses, wagon overturns in river crossing,dissapointments -forgiveness so many elements that makes a great story.
    enjoyed your review, I hope to go back and read this Quilted Heart Series.
    Paula O(

  2. I'm glad we get more of Anna's story! I'm excited to read it! Thanks for commenting.