Monday, June 10, 2013

Wavelength by Jeff Petherick with Karl Nilsson

   This is a fascinating account of an ordinary man who hears God's voice.  Jeff tells about his life before he became a Christian, what led to it, and the amazing things that have happened since he started hearing God's voice and obeying it.  He points out we need to spend time with God reading the Bible and praying, that we need to know who God is so we can recognize His voice.  He's transparent about issues that have hindered him, such as his need for control, while describing amazing events that have happened when he's surrendered completely.  He also uses examples of other people he knows, both their struggles and their triumphs in following God.

I usually have a harder time getting into nonfiction, but each chapter starts with an interesting story or fact that kept my attention right away.  There's also some humor and many incredible stories.  I feel I've learned so much from this book.  I laughed, I cried, I got chills!  I definitely recommend this book!

I received this book from in return for my honest opinion.

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