Sunday, July 28, 2013

Katie's Journey to Love by Jerry S. Eicher

book title front  This is an interesting story that continues the journey of Katie, a nineteen-year-old Amish girl whose mother remarries and changes her life.  She was always thought of as weird Emma Raber's daughter and felt ignored and left out by her community.  When her mother marries Jesse Mast, she not only gains five siblings and a father, but starts to feel more respected by others.  Not everything is wonderful, however, as her new step-sister, Mabel, makes things very difficult for both Katie and her Mamm

Katie feels accepted by her Mennonite friends and continues to attend their youth gatherings to the dismay of her Mamm and Jesse as they feel the Mennonites are too worldly.  The boy Katie's had a crush on for years finally starts to notice her, though her Mamm doesn't approve of him.  More changes are in store when she's invited to go on a trip to Europe to visit sites important to the history of her faith which is made possible by an anonymous donor supplying the funds.  While on the trip she receives horrible news that she doesn't know if she can survive.  Will she continue to trust God for her future or turn away in bitterness?

My favorite part of this story were the historical sites Katie visited and all the history I learned of the Amish faith.  I pretty much knew nothing of their history, so it was fascinating to see it through their eyes.  I liked Katie and was very frustrated with the way Mabel acted toward her.  I did think Katie was pretty naive in her feelings for a boy she didn't know very well and the story is left hanging to be continued in book three.  I didn't feel too lost not having read book one, but I would have understood things a little better if I had.  I liked how much Katie prayed and tried to follow God, even when she was dealing with family members who criticized or treated her badly.  Overall, I liked it and would recommend if you like Amish fiction.

I received this book free from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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