Friday, July 26, 2013

The Brotherhood Conspiracy by Terry Brennan

  This is an interesting adventure story about a group of men who are on a quest to find a lost artifact before tensions in the Middle East boil over.  Made up of archaeologists and historians, they try to interpret symbols on a mezuzah as they head to different parts of the world in search of clues. On the run with their lives in danger at every turn from assassins, they wonder if this will all be worth it.

I had a hard time getting into this story.  This is book two and I was a little lost not having read the first one.  There's a lot of discussion about them discovering a hidden temple beneath the Temple Mount and the ensuing earthquake that happened in book one.  The main character Tom has a very hard time deciding whether to go in search of this new artifact, and it feels like the book is about half over before things start to really happen.  I found it interesting how they decoded the symbols and the information they received from the different places they went.  I liked that one of the characters was a little person since you don't see that very often.  It felt a bit like an Indiana Jones adventure.  If you like adventure or suspense, you might want to check it out!

I received this book free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.

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