Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Blush - by Rebeca Seitz

About the book:

From the author of the Sisters, Ink series comes a fun new novella about finding your way…at the beach.  Elizabeth Bakersfield may live in the gorgeous town of Naples, Florida, but she is not the thirty-year-old she envisioned. Her husband left with a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Her job prospects are nil. The rent is due. Her best friend is living a thousand miles away, building a career in NYC. And her closest companion is the cockatiel Johnny Carson. 
The job front starts looking up when she’s offered the position of caretaker of Ganderley’s – a library, kind of. Elizabeth’s job is to loan out the priceless antiques and cars amassed by the widowed Ganderley sisters. Easy, right? Sign things out, get them back in two weeks. And, if she runs into trouble, there’s the gorgeous Ganderley nephew with the British accent, Nicholas Harrington, waiting in the wings with help.

But Elizabeth is about to learn first-hand that possessions – and gorgeous Brits - bring their own kind of drama. If she doesn’t figure out how to sidestep it, her job (not to mention the start of a new life) might be over before it ever really began.

My review:

I enjoyed this very amusing story about a quirky woman taking on a unique job.  I loved the character of Elizabeth; she was incredibly funny and made me smile or laugh on almost every page.  I felt for her situation of not finding work, but was also annoyed that it was partly because she was so afraid of not pleasing her snooty parents that she wouldn't take any job that they wouldn't approve of.  She seemed to base every decision on whether her mother would be pleased, which got a little annoying since she's almost thirty and divorced and admits that doing what her parents want all of the time hasn't done her very much good.  The other characters were all very interesting; not a boring one in the bunch!  This was a clean read, though there was a scene that got a little heated, but I don't remember anything faith related at all, so I was a little disappointed since that's what I was expecting.  It also didn't seem to really end.  A lot of things were left hanging and at first I thought that was how it was going to be left, but I saw later that there's going to be another book.  I would recommend it if you like humorous stories, but you're probably going to want to read the next one to find out what happens.

I received a free kindle copy of this book from in exchange for an honest review.

About the author:

Rebeca Seitz loves to scrapbook. And read (while eating chocolate). And write (while eating chocolate). And hang out with girlfriends (while eating chocolate). And laugh (not while eating chocolate - that'd be gross!). And tell stories about her crazy husband and crazier toddler (pausing on the chocolate since her momma taught her not to talk with her mouth full). And...well, you get the picture. She's been in the publishing industry for many years as a literary publicist, securing media placement Rebca Seitz in places like The Today Show and USA Today for astounding authors of amazing fiction.

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