Thursday, November 20, 2014

Look Inside the Time of Jesus - A Lift the Flap Book - by Lois Rock, Illustrations by Lorenzo Orlandi

  This is a colorful and informative Bible storybook that also tells interesting facts about the time of Jesus.  Every couple of pages has a paragraph that summarizes a Bible story.  It starts with the birth of Jesus and shares some of what his childhood would have been like, his preaching, visiting Zacchaeus, His trial, crucifixion, and the empty tomb.   There are many flaps to open on each page with names given to items, explanations of what people are doing, and descriptions of the culture such as what a meal would have been like or what was happening at the temple.

The pages are a durable board material instead of thin paper and I think this would be a good book for toddlers to around age 7.  There are a few harder words so I'm not sure if it would be ideal for beginning readers.  I also thought a comment that Jesus was angry that a poor widow felt obliged to give an offering seemed wrong.  I remember from the Bible that Jesus pointed out in admiration that this woman gave out of the little she had while the religious leader didn't give much in comparison.  I think kids who want to learn more about the time of Jesus would like this book.

I received this book free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.

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