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Pray the Scriptures When Life Hurts - by Kevin Johnson

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About the book:

Find Hope Through Praying the Scriptures
What do you do when prayer feels futile, an endless rehashing of your problems? If one of the most practical reasons we pray is to obtain strength from God, then we need to understand how that happens. Prayer is about more than making requests. In addition to our agony and questioning, Scripture teaches us to also offer up our surrender. We can voice not only loneliness, resentment, and frustration but also peace, hope, and worship. When we let Scripture teach us a breadth of prayers, we begin to be filled with God's fresh life.

Interweaving his own story of inner anguish and physical illness, Kevin Johnson takes you through nine key Scripture passages that will help you find peace. Each passage is broken down into smaller portions, paired with short phrases to prompt you to pray Scripture back to God.

Learn how to talk to God in your pain.

My review:

This was a touching and informative book about a topic I'm not very familiar with.  I thought praying the Scriptures meant quoting verses when you prayed, but in this book Johnson had a verse or two written out, then a phrase rewording or explaining what the verse was saying and that the reader was supposed to complete.  This way you're praying in a similar format to the passage, but making it your own.  Johnson is very open as he shares much of his struggles and the pain he deals with on a daily basis.  He deals with different topics like loneliness, resentment, questions and hope.  There's plenty of space to write in your prayers and at the end of each chapter there are questions with space to write in your answers or to discuss if you're reading this with a group.  This book was encouraging and a good reminder that we're not alone.  Everyone will have to deal with some type of pain in their lifetime, but we need to depend on God and know that He is always with us.  I definitely recommend this book.

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

 The Author

  1. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson is the creator of the first-of-its-kind Pray the Scriptures Bible and the bestselling author or coauthor of more than fifty books and Bible products for adults, students, and children. His training includes an MDiv from Fuller Theological...
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