Friday, January 23, 2015

The Evangelism Study Bible - New King James Version - by Evantell

This is a wonderful Bible to use in your daily reading and as an encouragement as you endeavor to spread the Gospel!  Besides the complete Bible, there are book introductions, over 2600 study notes and devotions that focus on evangelism.  The devotions list a certain passage of Scripture and average about half a page. There are also tips throughout that encourage or give helpful advice.  Especially fascinating are the full page articles that look at important issues, such as how to use the book of Isaiah to show that God authored the Bible or how to develop your testimony.  The how-to sections get more personal and include a prayer point, which suggest topics to pray to God about, such as fear of witnessing. There are also cross-references, charts, full-color maps, a glossary of evangelism terms and a concordance.

There are so many fascinating helps in this Bible!  I especially like the chart in Matthew that showed some of the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus, where they're found in the Old Testament and where Matthew references them.  Another handy item are in the gospels, where the references to the same story in the other gospels are listed right after the heading of the section.  The devotions are great, too, and it's hard to stop at just one!  I'm not as crazy about the New King James Version; I'm most used to the New International Version, but this is a lot easier to understand than the King James.

This Bible would be such a help to any Christian, whether a new one or one for many years.  It would be encouraging, challenging and definitely rewarding!  I highly recommend this Bible to any Christian wanting to spread the Gospel more effectively and with more confidence!

I received this Bible free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.

This Bible is available in hardcover and leather.

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