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A Love So True - Teaville Moral Society 2 - by Melissa Jagears

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About the book:

Evelyn Wisely loves working at the local orphanage, but her heart can't ignore the women of Teaville who are also in need. Her boss is willing to help build a shelter for them, but only if she gains the cooperation and financial support of other local businessmen.

While David Kingsman plans to stay in Teaville just long enough to get his father's business back on solid ground, he's intrigued by Evelyn's cause and finds himself more invested with each passing day.

Will their plans and partnership fall apart when confronted with all that is stacked against them, or can they trust in God's plan despite it all?

My review:

This was a wonderful story with an intriguing plot and characters I loved.  Evelyn was a selfless, caring woman with a painful secret that caused her to push men away.  David is drawn to Evelyn despite her distant demeanor and wanted to help her with the women and children of the Red Light District.  I loved how he jumped in even though he was new to town and new to this kind of ministry. He really seemed to care about both their physical and spiritual needs.  He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty.  I also loved that he liked and knew how to cook!  He did struggle to stand up to his father, however, who he worked for.  I really admired Evelyn's selflessness and her belief in a good God, no matter what she was going through.  She really had faith and believed that if God said no, it was because He had something better planned.  I got a little frustrated with her for listening to someone who did not have her best interests in mind, but it all worked out for the best.  I liked the theme of waiting on God's perfect timing.  It was nice to see characters from the previous book, which I also loved, but this worked nicely as a stand-alone.  There's some romance.  I highly recommend this well-written historical novel!

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers.

 The Author

  1. Melissa Jagears

    Melissa Jagears

    Carol Award-winning author Melissa Jagears is a homeschooling mom who writes Christian historical romance into the wee hours of the night. She's the author of the Unexpected Brides series, the Teaville Moral Society series, and Love by the Letter, a...
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