Friday, November 3, 2017

Page-Turner! 'The Delusion: We All Have Our Demons' - The Delusion Series 1 - by Laura Gallier

This book was amazing!  I never knew what was going to happen next.  It was incredibly intense.  The story follows Owen Edmonds as his senior year winds down at Masonville High School.  It's a depressing place as eleven students have committed suicide and they all wonder who will be next.  Owen is just trying to get to graduation when he meets a strange old man, almost dies and suddenly he's seeing chains and shackles on pretty much everyone.  He doesn't believe in the supernatural but there are scary creatures everywhere and they're tormenting everyone but no one can see them but him.  At first he thinks he's going crazy but he finally realizes they're not imaginary.  He tries to warn people but they don't believe him.  He sees a girl at school who doesn't have shackles and he thinks maybe she knows what's going on and how he can stop them.

I just wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next!  It reminded me of Frank Peretti's books but a little more intense with the suicides and with a teenager seeing into the other realm.  I loved the spiritual conversations as Owen tried to understand what was happening.  I admired Owen's determination to save people but also felt like he needed to let people make their own choices.  It was heartbreaking to see people make the wrong choices and more so when I thought about real life and how people choose evil and hurtful things all the time, even to their own detriment.  There was a little bit of romance.  There was also an amazing ending and a cliffhanger!  So now I have to wait to find out what happened until book two comes out!  I highly recommend this well-written page-turner!

I received this book free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

1st chapter pdf

Author Laura Gallier

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