Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Beautiful! 'Cross My Heart' - Legacy of Faith 2 - by Robin Lee Hatcher

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About the book:

Two broken paths lead toward God’s redemption in the next installment of Robin Lee Hatcher’s Legacy of Faith series.

Ashley Showalter and Ben Henning have so much in common. Both were raised by single moms. Both want to help where they see a need. And both work with horses in the Boise valley. Ashley runs a horse rescue operation, while Ben has started an equine therapy barn on his great-great grandfather’s farm—and both Ashley and Ben have the feeling that there could be something more between them.

But they share something else that may drive them apart if the truth is ever revealed. Ben is a recovering alcoholic with ten years of sobriety behind him, while Ashley’s brother, Dylan, is an opioid addict, currently residing in court-ordered rehab. Ashley has promised herself she would never walk knowingly into the chaos created by addiction—because in her mind, addicts can never be fully cured. But with God, all things are possible. Will Ashley find it within herself to give love a chance, or will her brother’s mistakes jeopardize her future with Ben?

My review:

This book was wonderful!  I loved seeing how Ben put into practice what he felt God wanted him to do, by opening an equine therapy barn and also working with rescue horses.  He was such a wonderful character, so generous and loving, even to people who didn't deserve it.  I also loved how patient he was with Ashley, wanting what was best for her even if that didn't end up being him.  His relationship with his grandfather was wonderful to see, also, and I loved how wise his grandfather was.  Ashley had a lot of issues to work through because of her brother and it was interesting to see her faith grow throughout the story.  I feel like I was encouraged in my faith as I read this book and prayed right along with Ashley about some things I'd been dealing with.  It was interesting learning about equine therapy and horse rescue; it's not a topic I see often in fiction.  I also liked that this book dealt with addiction, both from a character who was in the midst of it and one who had come out the other side stronger.  I also loved the split time element as the story of Ben's great-great grandpa was continued from the first book, this time set during World War II, as Ben's great-grandpa goes off to war and his family is left at home to grow food for others and pray for his safe return.  The Godly wisdom shared was wonderful as the men in both time periods had such strong faith and really read their Bibles, prayed and spent time with God.   This book works as a stand-alone but I recommend you read the first book as that was wonderful as well.  I highly recommend this book and can't wait for the next!

I received this book from the author.  I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

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