Friday, July 6, 2012

Demon by Tosca Lee

Clay is a book editor in a large city, somewhat recently divorced, and is being stalked by a demon.  Clay doesn't believe he's a demon at first, but Lucian knows things about him and wants him to write down his story.  He wants to explain what life was like before humans existed and how the fall of Lucifer and his angels came about.  He describes the creation of the world and the emotions he experienced watching God's affection for humans even though they constantly disappointed Him.  Job, Lucifer's strategies, and other topics are touched on as he talks his way through history to the present.  He appears when Clay least expects it and takes on different forms, besides, so he is never sure who he'll be.  Though Clay doesn't want to listen, it's like he has no choice.  As Clay understands more of Lucian's story, his own begins to unravel.

I thought this book was fascinating.  It gave a different perspective to view Biblical and contemporary events from and made me think about what could have gone through the minds of the fallen angels before and after their fall.  It especially shows the great love God has for us when you think about how many chances we as humans get that the demons didn't.  Since so much of the book consisted of conversations, it reminded me of the Shack by W. Paul Young, another excellent book. I'll definitely be reading more of Tosca Lee!

This was a Christy Award Finalist and ForeWord Magazine Silver Award Winner.

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