Monday, July 23, 2012

Widow of Saunders Creek by Tracey Bateman

This was a fascinating story!  Corrie Saunders' husband was killed in the war in Iraq about 9 months ago and she moves into his family's home in the Ozarks, one they had started to remodel and were going to live in when he returned.  She meets her husband's cousin Eli, a pastor, for the first time, while he is doing the remodel. A lot of the book focuses on their blossoming relationship while Corrie continues to grieve her husband.  Almost immediately after moving in, she starts to hear strange noises and see strange things. Her husband's aunt practices witchcraft and believes it's Corrie's husband trying to communicate, while Eli warns her that there have always been strange things occurring in this house and that it's not his cousin.  She doesn't know what to think and is torn between wanting it to be her husband and feeling terrified that it isn't.

This book had a lot of different aspects to it, with a love story, the supernatural, and grief all rolled into one.  Tracey Bateman does a wonderful job of combining these into a cohesive story that keeps up a good pace and feels believable.  The characters are all very likeable and you feel for Corrie as she's dealing with so many emotions at once, on top of the strange occurrences.  The book was slightly creepy during those moments, though there weren't many of them, especially if you're reading it at night by yourself!  The author does a good job of putting forth different viewpoints of the supernatural while still being theologically accurate, but not preachy.  I was impressed with how the family members who disagreed with each other were still very respectful and loving. This would be an especially good book to give to someone who's not a believer or who's seeking.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone!  Don't forget to rate this review!

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