Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young & The One Year Daily Grind by Sarah Arthur

These are a couple of amazing devotionals I've been reading since January 1st. Sarah Young is a missionary and Sarah Arthur is in ministry also. Some of you might be familiar with Jesus Calling, as I think it's sold quite a few copies. The overall theme of this book is in its subtitle: Enjoying Peace in His Presence.  Sarah Young talks about trusting Jesus, letting go of anxieties, being thankful, how much He loves us, and keeping our eyes on Jesus instead of the problems around us. Many times I've felt the specific topic is exactly what I needed to read that day. It's a one year devotional with just a few paragraphs to read a day and she gives 2-4 Scriptures to read that correspond with the topic. It's very quick to read, but is very powerful.

The One Year Daily Grind has a little bit more to read each day, but is still between a few paragraphs and a full page. She also gives a few references or a little longer passage.  She uses humor, a lot of her own life experiences to show what she's learned, and usually has an interesting question to leave you with.  The book covers all kinds of topics and authors she likes are mentioned, especially C. S. Lewis.  She even puts in some of her free verse poetry!  This book also often hits me with a topic or question I needed to read. You may have heard of her previous book, Walking with Frodo, a bestseller. 

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