Sunday, August 19, 2012

Abducted by Janice Cantore

Very suspenseful and action-packed! Carly Edwards is a patrol officer whose life finally seems to be getting on track, but just when she thinks her ex-husband and her might make a go of it again, he starts to retreat.  Then her partner's wife gets mysteriously ill and while at the hospital, their baby is kidnapped.  Meanwhile, her roommate seems upset about something, but Carly doesn't know what. The story hits the ground running with her and her partner catching a burglar red-handed, though his partner gets away.  It goes into setting up a tip line for calls about the baby and canvassing the neighborhoods for witnesses.  It explains some of the police procedures but doesn't dwell on them overmuch.  There's too much action going on! 

This is actually book two in the Pacific Coast Justice Series and I hadn't read book one yet.  There is some explanation of what happened in book one regarding Carly being a suspect and we know about some of the background for why Carly and her ex are divorced, but also that they both had become Christians since then and have been working toward reconciliation.  Carly's ex is also a cop and was hurt prior to this book so she has been helping him in his physical therapy.  With so many things going wrong, it's understandable that she's stressed out, but she tries to depend on God and trust Him for her future and the future of those she loves, though she doesn't always succeed.

This was a quick enjoyable read. It had plenty of action so there wasn't a chance to get bored, but it also dealt with emotional issues, such as trust in God and in your spouse.  Carly seemed believable in the way she dealt with her problems, but she wasn't perfect.  I liked the little touches of her having a dog and loving to swim.  They made her feel more human.  The author is a retired police officer herself, so explanations of procedures and situations felt very genuine. I wasn't lost with not having read book one, but I'm definitely going to and also looking forward to reading book three when it comes out next year. I received this book free from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review.

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