Thursday, August 30, 2012

Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day by Garry R. Morgan

Very easy to read and understandable! This book is split into forty very short chapters of only a few pages each, which makes it easy if you just want to read a little bit every day. Some of the religions featured are Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Animism and folk religions, Scientology, Neopagan religions, variations of Buddhism, Secular Humanism, and some different cults.

The author starts out by explaining the origins of the religion, some of its history and key figures, and how it ended up where it is today. He explains some of the practices, worldviews, and ways that it branched off or split into different groups. He also clarifies some of the differences and similarities between some of the similar religions and even within the same religion, including Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Evangelical. He explains everything in a factual way and doesn't put in his opinion one way or the other, so this would be a good book for someone of any faith or even no faith at all to read. A fun ending to each chapter is called "An Extra Minute" where he gives an interesting trivia note about the topic.

I learned a lot reading this book. Even though I've taken a Comparitive Religions class in college and learned some in church too, it was a good refresher and had religions I don't remember studying before. It's a nice overview and would be helpful for someone who wants to learn the basics about a religion's history and beliefs.
I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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