Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gone to Ground by Brandilyn Collins

This was a very interesting murder mystery.  Five women have been killed in the small town of Amaryllis, Mississippi over the past three years and now there has been a sixth.  The serial killer has been labeled the "Closet Killer."  Three women all think they know who the Closet killer is, but they each think it's somebody else.  The story splits between their different viewpoints, with an older black woman named Cherrie Mae thinking it's one of her clients, a young pregnant woman named Tully thinking it's her husband, and a woman in her thirties believes her brother did it.  They come together to share the information they have and try to figure out which one's the killer.  They continue investigating, at great peril to themselves, each one sure that their suspect is the right one.

This was very well-written, with a southern flavor to each of the three distinctive voices.  The story kept me guessing, as I suspected it was one person, then the next, though I did figure out part of it toward the end.  I really liked how she wrote it from different viewpoints, each one bringing pieces to the puzzle to make up the whole.  Brandilyn is known for writing Seatbelt Suspense and has won numerous awards.  With this book, it's definitely easy to see why.  It was suspenseful and definitely worth the read!

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