Monday, March 26, 2018

Fascinating! 'Angels to the Rescue: Inspirational Real-Life Stories from an ER Doctor' - by Robert Lesslie, MD

Angels to the Rescue

About the book:

Angels Are God’s First Responders

From bestselling author Robert Lesslie (over 400,000 books sold) comes an all-new collection of thrilling inspiration from the emergency room. Join first responders and ER doctors as they encounter life-or-death situations, putting their training and beliefs to the test. Be uplifted as you meet real-life angels, such as
  • Elton, a daring highway patrolman who risks it all to prevent disaster
  • James, the orthopedic tech with a God-given talent for mending hearts
  • Shep, a principled fire captain whose most important lesson spares one of his own
  • Denton, the tireless paramedic who rescues an injured man…from a hospital
  • Maybelle, a faithful nursery volunteer who makes a life-saving diagnosis
As you read these heart-pounding stories of faith in the face of impossible odds, you’ll be reminded that a loving and merciful God appoints angels, those you can and cannot see, to watch over you and intervene on your behalf.

My review:

This was a fascinating book with many wonderful true stories!  I liked how the stories focused on a variety of people, from firefighters to police officers to doctors and even a nursery volunteer!  Some of the stories were miracles, others a diagnosis in the nick of time or even about the power of forgiveness.  I especially liked the story about a boy who was getting sicker and the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on.  It ended up being a crazy kind of problem and a God thing for how it was figured out.  The same goes for a man who had a heart attack at a rest stop and how just the right people were around to help and especially the story of the young woman who tried to kill herself.  That one was the most amazing of all.  It was also fascinating to learn the story of the elderly Vietnam war veteran and what he endured in Vietnam who then came to the rescue of another war veteran in a wheelchair who was being beaten and how it was because of what he survived years ago and the lessons he learned.  Some of the stories had some humor; some brought tears to my eyes.  They were all wonderful and got my blood pumping from all of the excitement!  I highly recommend it if you like true stories and need a reminder that God is here and working.

I received this book free from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Meet the author

Robert D. Lesslie

Bestselling author Dr. Robert Lesslie is a physician with more than 30 years of experience in fast-paced, intense ER environments. He is now the co-owner and medical director of two urgent-care facilities. He has written many books (including  Angels in the ER—over 200,000 copies sold) as well as newspaper and magazine columns and human-interest...
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