Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wonderful! 'High Cotton' - Bucklin Family Reunion Series 1 - by Debby Mayne

This was a very enjoyable story about four very different ladies from the Bucklin family.  Another Bucklin family reunion is coming up and there's plenty of family drama to go around.  The chapters alternated between the women as we were shown what's happening in each of their lives and how they feel about it!  Shay's in her late 30's, a career woman who just hasn't met the right guy, much to her family's chagrin.  She's feeling bored in her job but not sure what else is out there.  Her high school crush shows up acting interested in her, which throws her for a loop.  She's ready for some excitement and a change.    Her sister-in-law. Puddin', has a secret she's keeping from everyone and she worries her husband will be upset if he found out; she also worries she's not getting everything done she should and that she's neglecting her youngest son.  Shay's much younger twin cousins are arguing, especially when one makes an impulsive and huge life decision and we get Sally's side of the story.  The fourth lady is Missy and she's having marital problems; she feels like her husband doesn't listen to her and takes her for granted. 

I really liked Shay and could relate to her the best.  I enjoyed seeing the transitions she made throughout the book.  Her faith was very important to her and she tried to keep a level head when dealing with two potential love interests. Puddin' was entertaining; it seemed like her life was hectic, what with her secret and a toddler to manage. Missy's story I liked the least.  Both she and I got frustrated with her husband as he seemed almost mean sometimes and really clueless the others. I thought it seemed like these wives needed to communicate with their husbands, spell things out for them rather than assume they knew what they were thinking.  Sally, the twin, was arguing with her sister about their business, their home and this was before her sister went and made a huge life decision with discussing it with her first.  I loved how the family was close to each other and the southern feel of the story.  Faith in God and prayer were discussed among the different ladies, especially Shay.  I really enjoyed this story and want to see where the next one takes this wonderful family!

I received this book free from Litfuse Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.


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