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Wonderful! 'Phoebe's Light' - Nantucket Legacy 1 - Suzanne Woods Fisher

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About the book:

"Not today. I will not worry today."
Phoebe Starbuck has always taken care of her father--worrying enough for both of them, as he chases one whim after another. Now, for the first time, she's doing what she wants to do: marrying Captain Phineas Foulger and sailing far away from Nantucket. As she leaves on her grand adventure, she takes two gifts from her father, but desires only one: her great-grandmother's journal. The second gift? A "minder" in the form of cooper Matthew Macy, a man she loathes.

Phoebe soon discovers that life at sea is no easier than life on land. Lonely, seasick, and disillusioned, she turns the pages of Great Mary's journal and finds a secret that carries repercussions for everyone aboard the ship, especially the captain and the cooper.

Sail away with expert navigator Suzanne Woods Fisher, who confidently explores the sometimes treacherous shores of Quaker life on the storied Nantucket Island.

My review:

It took me a little bit to really get into this story but it ended up being hard to put down!  There were a few twists that surprised me and I kept wondering how it was going to all work out.  It was fascinating learning about the history of Nantucket Island in two different time periods.  This is one of my favorite plot strategies!  The older time period here was told through journal entries so we get the innermost thoughts of Mary Coffin Starbuck, a true historical figure, though the journal was a work of fiction.  I liked Phoebe and Mary; they were both strong, independent women and outspoken.  Phoebe, though, seemed more pushy and stubborn, even when people warned her about her choice of husband.  I really liked her idea to travel with her husband and have an adventure.  I could understand not wanting to be separated for years, especially after just marrying.  Apparently, whaling voyages could take years.  She was a Quaker, so religion and faith were very much a part of her life, though she could be single-minded about what she wanted to do instead of praying about it first.  Matthew struggled with the Quaker faith more, seeing the hypocrisy of people and the rules and wanting no part of them, especially after his father died.  He didn't understand the personal relationship with God.  I was amazed how the Quakers were persecuted, some even being hanged for being heretics by the Puritans!  It was also interesting to learn in the historical notes about the addiction to opium many people had, including one of the characters in the story.  It was taken for many ailments and found in different products and people didn't even realize they were addicted.  I also really enjoyed seeing what a trial was like in the 1700's.  It will be interesting to see where the story goes next and what impact the rest of the journal will have for future generations.  I can hardly wait!  I highly recommend this book if you like historical fiction!

I received this book free from Revell in exchange for an honest review.

           The Author

  1. Suzanne Woods Fisher
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    Suzanne Woods Fisher

    Suzanne Woods Fisher is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than two dozen novels, including Phoebe's Light, Minding the Light, the Amish Beginnings series, The Bishop's Family series, and The Inn at Eagle Hill series, as well as...

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