Friday, November 16, 2012

A Plain & Simple Heart by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith

book title front  This was a cute story about Rebecca Switzer, a naive and hopeful Amish girl who sets out to find Jesse, her one true love... whom she hasn't seen for four years!  Along the way she gets caught up in the temperance movement, gets arrested, and meets a handsome sheriff who just might give Jesse a run for his money!

This is book two in the Amish of Apple Grove series and it easily stands alone, though you do meet Rebecca's sister and family, the subjects of book one.  Rebecca met Jesse on a cattle drive when she was thirteen and fell for him and she's sure that when he sees her again as a grown woman, he'll fall for her too.  She hears he's in a town on the opposite side of Kansas from her, but she's determined to get to him and convinces her sister to help.  She barely arrives in Lawrence when she gets caught up in a temperance protest and finds herself in jail.  Colin, the long-suffering sheriff, has only two weeks left before he can hand over his star to his replacement and set out to start an orphanage and build a church like he feels called to; he does not want any trouble, especially from a woman who claims to be Amish but keeps stirring things up.  Between outlaw sightings and the men and women of the town constantly bickering, he can't wait to leave, but will he be able to leave Rebecca behind?  Will she ever find her one true love?

Rebecca was an extremely naive girl, but I had to remind myself it was 1884 and she was Amish.  I liked her character a lot; she was constantly trying to be the good Amish girl but speaking before she thought and very stubborn.  I really liked Colin too, along with the secondary characters.  It didn't feel like Rebecca and Colin had a whole lot of interaction or much of a progression to falling in love, but the book did take place in the span of a couple of weeks.  I also liked learning more about the temperance movement.  This book made me smile the whole way through!

Thanks to Harvest House Publishers for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.

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