Friday, November 2, 2012

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Full Disclosure  -     
        By: Dee Henderson
    I have to say I was disappointed with this book.  I love Dee's O'Malley series, but this one felt a lot different from her usual.

Paul Falcon is a high-up in the Chicago office of the FBI and in line to be the leader of the Falcon family's many enterprises when their father dies.  He loves his family and he's ready to settle down with one of his own.  He meets Ann Silver when she brings a case to him that could heat up their search for a lady shooter who's wanted for thirty murder-for-hires and who has been quiet for many years.  He's intrigued by Ann and the more he finds out about her, the more fascinated he becomes.  She's filling in as a small-town sheriff while also being an investigator who gets called in on cases all over the country that have law enforcement stumped.  She solves the tough puzzles. She's a pilot and friends with a lot of people in high places.  She's forty, content with her life and singleness, and not looking to marry.  The book focuses on their trying to catch the lady shooter and Paul trying to understand and woo Ann.  As secrets are revealed about her, will he choose to move on or stand by her?

I loved Ann's character. She's unlike anyone I've read before.  She has a very interesting personality and life, and I felt like I could relate to her in some ways.  I liked Paul but he seemed too perfect.  I can't think of a single flaw he had.  Their romance was very pragmatic, with Paul learning all he could about Ann before pursuing her; it was very practical and measured.  I believe romance can't be all about emotions, but it felt like it was hardly a factor.  There was hardly any suspense to the story, either.  Ann's dog, Midnight, was fun and added a lot of life to the book.  Fans of Dee's other books will recognize some familiar characters, and it was fun to catch up on their lives.

There wasn't very much romance or suspense in the story.  The writing also felt somewhat formal.  It was nice to see Dee's other characters again and it made me want to revisit them.  Overall, I did like the book because I found Ann fascinating and there was a slight mystery to it.  It just wasn't what I was expecting.

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