Sunday, November 11, 2012

High Calling weekly e-newsletter

I had never heard of this site or their weekly newsletter, but I was interested to see what they were all about.  Their site says "everyday conversations about work, life, and God," and I found their newsletter to contain varied topics dealing with these subjects. Each newsletter contains an audio message, a few articles, and a short video, along with articles of interest from other sites.  Some of the topics were about fearing the unknown, how being helpful at work can be more about your attitude, and knowing your gifts. 

One that resonated more with me was about feeling like your job is insignificant or wondering what possible difference could a few more keystrokes make. What difference could this day make in the grand scheme of things?  The author talked about the butterfly effect and how the flapping of their wings can impact weather around the world.  They don't realize the effect they have and that might be true for us as well.  All we can do is our best and let God take care of what or how great an impact we'll have.  We just need to be faithful in our flapping!

Overall, I found the newsletters encouraging and informative. They seek to equip you in your job and encourage you in life.  Some of the topics interested me and others didn't, but I think anyone could probably find a topic of interest to them.

Here's the link to their site. You have the option of signing up for free daily or weekly emails.

High Calling

I received a $10 gift card from Handlebar Central in exchange for my honest review.

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