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Life Unstuck - by Pat Layton

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About the book:

No matter where you are today, the life you long for can be yours!
We all start life with the ability to dream, but somewhere along the way life gets sticky. We find ourselves wondering:

· Does anyone know me for who I really am?
· Am I going to have to "fake it" forever?
· What do I have to offer the world?
· How can I dream about tomorrow when I can't even handle today?
· Is this all my life will ever be?
· Do I dare to dream of more?

With passion and enthusiasm, Pat Layton invites you to imagine a life where you experience peace with the past, enjoy purpose in the present, and expect the possibilities that the future holds. With fresh personal tools and clear action steps, she delves deep into the areas we get stuck in the most and unveils the path to the life you long to live.

You are a one-of-a-kind design. Life Unstuck will help you live like you believe it!

My review:

I enjoyed this book and thought it had a lot of good information.  It really reminded me of how much God loves me and how He's thinking about me all of the time, like He is about every one of us!  She has a couple tools in the book, such as an unstuck assessment and a personality test, and a lot more at her website that she guides you to at the end of many of the chapters, such as a free study guide.  She gave a lot of personal examples of when she felt stuck, shared openly about an abortion she had that she deeply regrets and shared a lot of family stories that illustrated points she was trying to make.  I got a little tired of reading the word, "unstuck." It was used a lot and I did read the book in only a couple of days, so it was probably more noticeable because of that.  There is also some repeating, but I've found that to be true in other self-help type books I've read.  She has sections about the importance of making peace with your past, purpose in the present and passion for the future with six chapters in each where she breaks down topics to help you achieve your goals.  I really liked the reminders about trusting God and believing He sees everything going on in my life and that I need to trust the truth of God's Word and not my emotions or the lies of the enemy, Satan.  It's important to pay attention to what you tell yourself, too. You repeat something enough, you start to believe it.  I also appreciated her thoughts about unforgiveness keeping you stuck and realized I had some of that to deal with, too.  I think this book would be best digested a little at a time so you get the full impact.  I highly recommend this book for women who feel stuck!

I received this book free from Revell in exchange for an honest review.

 The Author

  1. Pat Layton

    Pat Layton

    Patricia Layton, founder and president of Life Impact Network (one of the nation's largest Sanctity of Life ministries), is a speaker, life coach, and author of A Life Surrendered and Life Unstuck. Founder of the national women's conference...
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